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Monday, November 8, 2010


Meals are a very important part of day to day life no matter where you live, or what culture you are from.

The word for meal in Reisu is 'alo'. You might say to a child "Enata alo ono", "Finish your meal".

Breakfast - Alopaba
Lunch - Alojoni
Dinner - Alotego

Paba means start, joni means middle or center, and tego means end.

O xipaba katahaa nopu amunu alopaba aku!
You should always start the day with a good breakfast!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where are you from?

This is a conversation og two people making small talk over the phone while waiting for something to process or whatever. I have this conversation at work all the time.

Vumoze: Mo, o okoko dei?
Deyaze: Alabama, bo ei omagi pa Karolaina Eko.
Vumoze: O! Izi ono lamu Kanada.
Deyaze: A... ei vadidula kataze. O okoko dei?

Customer: So where are you from?
Clerk: Alabama, but I live in South Carolina.
Customer: Oh! You sound like you're from Canada.
Clerk: Um... I've never been there. Where are you from?

And yes, it's pretty much this exact conversation. Where people get Canada from I don't know. It only happens at work, so it must be my customer voice.

There's one phrase here that's in need of a literal translation.
O okoko dei?
You house where?
When okoko is used as a verb it means 'to be from'. To ask where someone's physical house is we can say:
Okoko ono dei?
House your where?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween :D

So Halloween is awesome, and I want to share some Halloween related words in Reisu.

Candy - Saki
Ghost - Noto
Costume - Tivukodi
Pumpkin - Zalubaba
Apple Cider - Avo Gapasiri
Black Cat - Komo Hexi
Zombie - Bimo

Happy Halloween!