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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where are you from?

This is a conversation og two people making small talk over the phone while waiting for something to process or whatever. I have this conversation at work all the time.

Vumoze: Mo, o okoko dei?
Deyaze: Alabama, bo ei omagi pa Karolaina Eko.
Vumoze: O! Izi ono lamu Kanada.
Deyaze: A... ei vadidula kataze. O okoko dei?

Customer: So where are you from?
Clerk: Alabama, but I live in South Carolina.
Customer: Oh! You sound like you're from Canada.
Clerk: Um... I've never been there. Where are you from?

And yes, it's pretty much this exact conversation. Where people get Canada from I don't know. It only happens at work, so it must be my customer voice.

There's one phrase here that's in need of a literal translation.
O okoko dei?
You house where?
When okoko is used as a verb it means 'to be from'. To ask where someone's physical house is we can say:
Okoko ono dei?
House your where?

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