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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alphabet with examples - Consonants 1/2

This is a continuation for the vowels post. Like that one the Latin character is on the left, the IPA is in the middle, and the right is a sample English word. Here's my favorite IPA chart for those that want to hear examples of the IPA sounds.

p - p - put
b - b - bat
t - t - toil
d - d - doll
k - k - cat
g - g - goal
m - m - most
n - n - never
r - ɾ - There aren't any good examples of this in English. In American English we pronounce Ts like this sometimes, but in an effort to not confuse just go listen to ɾ on the IPA chart

And here's some Reisu words that start with these sounds!
Puho - Horse
Befi - Tree
Tozai - Mountain
Denu - Baby
Kigu - Foot
Gapa - Apple
Meku - Pencil
Nebu - Dog
Rigi - Sun

Puma - Ask
Bubu - Drink
Tiki - Run
Daxi - Come
Kixa - Walk
Geki - Think
Maino - Have
Neina - Say
Ragu - Want

AND as promised, a video that goes with the first post!

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