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Friday, February 19, 2010

Learn Na'vi

It's been a while since Avatar came out; it's even steadily falling down the charts. I personally loved the movie, and the Na'vi conlang only heightened my suspension of disbelief.

There are bits about Na'vi leaking out slowly but steadily. For example they have a base 8 system, which makes sense because they have 4 fingers. And it seems fairly regular if you don't have a problem speaking in 8s instead of 10s.

I'm still waiting for a Na'vi language book. They made the field guide, so why not?


  1. You've probably already discovered the wikibook and the learnnavi forum. The wikibook happened when the wikipedia article got too long.'vi I suspect na'vi will be mostly deciphered before Fromer has a chance to publish.

  2. Thank's for posting the wikibook link Matthew. I forgot to include it in my original post.

    I guess the reason why I want an actual book is to see more of the vocabulary, which is lacking even in the wikibook.