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Monday, February 1, 2010

Personal Pronouns

For Reisu the pronouns don't changed based on if they are the subject or object. So "ei" for "I", does not change to when it's the object. Where "I" changes to "me", "ei" is still "ei".

Here's a chart:
First PersonEiEisa
Second PersonOOsa
Third PersonEEsa

Another point here is the third person pronoun. There's only one, so there's no separation of gender here as there is in English. In fact there's no linguistic separation of gender in Reisu at all.

This also shows the pluralizer. It's -sa. This is used as a suffix for any noun that need to be pluralized.

The structure for possessive and reflexive pronouns are very similar.

Possessive PronounsSingularPlural
First PersonEinoEinosa
Second PersonOnoOnosa
Third PersonEnoEnosa

Reflexive PronounsSingularPlural
First PersonEinorifuEinosarifu
Second PersonOnorifuOnosarifu
Third PersonEnorifuEnosarifu

So, as you can probably tell -no is for possessive pronouns, and -norifu is for reflexive pronouns.

Like I said, pretty simple.

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