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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Olisa sulano

Today we're going to talk about olisa sulano or flavors (literally types of taste). There are several words that that we can use for olisa sulano.


There are other things that could be olisa sulano in the proper context. Textures of foods for example like siri (crunchy) or zuba (smooth). Pretty much anything that could be described as part of tasting is an oli sulano.

Many of these words can also be olisa zegono or fragrances (types of smells). Iki kuala roki! Sweetness smells good!

Ei eli amuhe ubi ro peri! Bo olisa sulano xido sula akuga :)
1P-SING enjoy food spicy or sour! But types taste-POSS new taste best :)
I enjoy spicy or sour food! But new flavors taste best :)


  1. Hey, I just noticed that the definitions of ei and eli are very similar (or identical) to their Kamakawi counterparts. They're cousins! Or perhaps Kamakawi and Reisu took part in a linguistic exchange program!

  2. OMG eli is really close too! I knew ei was, but I didn't know there were other words. I think for the most part the Kamakawi eli would be translated as rulu, which is move like love in English. It's stronger than eli, and usually referring to other living things. But I'm sure there are instances where I would translate Kamakawi eli to Reisu eli.