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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cardinal directions

Some time ago, I added words for north, south, east and west to the dictionary, and I wanted to take a moment to explain how to used these words.

North - Ega
South - Eko
East - Oto
West - Odu

I wanted to make the words sound similar to each other like they do in English. So North and South both begin with the 'e' sound, then a velar plosive, and finally a vowel that I liked with that plosive. Same type formula for east and west except with 'o' and an alveolar plosive.

Although I haven't designed much in the way of a conworld for Reisu, I imagine wherever I place the language the planet will have a magnetic north, so the compass would look like this:

Odu Oto

For the ordinal directions north and south are considered the primary points of contact with east and west being modifiers. This way the words are formed the same way as in English. For example northeast is Egahoto. O becomes ho when preceded by a because ao is not a legal diphthong in Reisu.

 Egahodu Egahoto 
Odu   Oto
 Ekohodu Ekohoto 

I imagine in quick speak the h sound is dropped in ekohodu and ekohoto, in favor of lengthening the o.

We can delineate the compass even further into 16ths the same way as in English with the cardinal direction first, and the ordinal direction after. Egahegahodu for NNE, otohegahoto for ENE, etc.

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