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Friday, April 23, 2010

David Peterson to conlang for HBO

HBO is following the increasing popularity of actually having conlangs for fantasy and science fiction programing a la the new Game of Thrones series. I've never read the books, and know petty little about them, but anything that boasts having a conlang in it I will at least give a try.

I was mildly interested in it when I heard it was going to have a conlang, but it wasn't until I saw this interview that I realized I would have to watch this show. Reason being David Peterson designed the Dothraki conlang for it.

Congrats Peterson! I'm quite a fan of Kamakawi, so I've got high hopes for the quality of the Dothraki. Of course the show right now is in just the beginning stages, and there's not much information out there. For what information there is on the conlang go here.

According to IMDB, the pilot is set to air sometime in 2011. The cast doesn't seem to have anyone too terribly famous, though I did recognize several faces. In comparison to other networks, I'm usually pleased with the quality of acting in HBO series, so I can only assume the same will be delivered with Game of Thrones.

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