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Monday, October 11, 2010

Reisu Travel Phrases

If you ever find yourself in Reixeko (State of Rei) then the following phrases are very useful. If such a place only existed.

O neina Reisu/Egaisu nei?
Do you speak Reisu/English?

Ei neina Reisu tai/aku.
I speak Reisu some/well.

Ei uneina Reisu./Ei uneina Reisuze.
I don't speak Reisu./I don't speak any Reisu.

O lijikua onapihalo xali nei?
Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Vatozeta dei?
Where is the bathroom?

Ei piteinu lo __. O vita sede lo leru?
I'm looking for __. Do you know how to get there? (Lit: Do you know directions to that place?)

Eru geri jei?
How much does this cost?

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  1. You should check out the Four Essential Travel Phrases. It's a site where four phrases have been translated into a bunch of different languages, including conlangs. :)