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Monday, October 4, 2010

Terms of Endearment

This past month I just started a new job, and I knew it would be stressful so I created some posts that would go up automatically. Unfortunately I completely underestimated just how long it would take me to get into the swing of things, and so many weeks have gone by with no entries D: I'm still not really set in a routine with me new position, but I wanted to focus my brain on something more pleasant. So here's a post on Reisu terms of endearment!

In the kinship terms post one term of endearment was introduced kokoxai. This is only used for long term relationships. Referring to someone as kokoxai before they are ready can make someone seem clingy.

It's common to hear terms of endearment with names of birds and flowers. For example it's popular to refer to a child as xuxuxai, which is a shortened from 'vexuxusuxai' (meaning little ducking) because that's quite the tongue twister!

Some popular terms of endearment when referring to females are vexulimani (songbird) and jevaxai (little flower). For males a popular one is puhoxai (pony), but more common for males is to have the gender neutral ones. Some examples of those are vexulixai (little owl, shortened from vexulitaxai) and vexuruxai (little dove, shortened from vexuruluxai).

There are two more common words that could be considered terms of endearment. Komoxai (little kitten) for females and komozua (tom cat) for males. These terms have a much more sexual connotation, so in some situations they can be considered derogatory. However these words are considered mild enough that they are not curse words.

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