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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's my age again?

Below is a sample conversation discussing age. Also from now going forward, when I post conversations I'm going to use Reisu given names.

A conversation between two friends who have not known each other long:

Gapasiri: Nopumada eino nopufu!
Nebupina: E? Kualafu nopurigisa jei?
Gapasiri: Tuxoto... Ei pabanu holanu doro...
Nebupina: [Hahanu] O xodigo bo lo ei.
Gapasiri: Ehe? O nopurigisa jei?
Nebupina: Vixo.
Gapasiri: Ei kuvitala. O una xodigo.
Nebupina: Xati.

Gapasiri: My birthday is tomorrow!
Nebupina: Oh? How old are will you be?
Gapasiri: Twenty-five... I'm starting to feel old...
Nebupina: [Laughing] You are still younger than me.
Gapasiri: Really? How old are you?
Nebupina: Thirty.
Gapasiri: I didn't know. You seem younger.
Nebupina: Thanks.

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