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Monday, March 8, 2010

Numbers beyond counting

We covered counting in another post. Now we are going to go over some other things we need the number words for.

Ordinal Numbers - First, second, third, etc
We simply add 'tei' in front of the number. So first is teia, second is teitu, third is teivi, etc.

Once, twice, thrice
We simply add 'yei' in front of the number. 'Yei' literally means '[number] of times'. So yeiha is once, yeitu is second, yeivi is thrice, yeisa is four times, etc.

To form fractions we use 'fe'. So afetu is half, afesa is quarter, etc. For less common, or larger fractions there is often hyphenation when the word is written out. This makes it easier to read. 9/16 for example would be nai-fexode.

You could also use the fraction construction to mean percent. Such as:
I am 100% better!
      Ei hola akugo haku-fehaku!

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