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Friday, March 12, 2010

Okrent and Frommer answer a whole lot of questions

This article was announced a while back, and I kind of forgot about it. Lucky someone on the conlang mailing list reminded us.

Okrent answers most of the questions, and does so quite well. I particularly liked the responses to the questions that cast conlangs and auxlangs in a more negative light. Or the ones that questioned the validity of conlanging in general. Frommer's answers are Na'vi centric. I didn't mind this, as I am quite interested in Na'vi, but it makes it obvious that Frommer is a bit greener and Okrent on the subject of conlangs in general. There were also plenty of questions that seemed to come from people who have conlanged, or those that are interested in trying it.

Reading the whole article cover to cover is not for the weak or faint of heart. The responses, and a lot of the questions as well are a bit weighted, and very detailed. It's definitely worth a read, but just a warning it's a bit TL'DR, so you may want to just skim the questions and read the answers you are truly interested in.

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